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CDS Indian Military Academy (IMA)

Welcome to WarriorsCreed, your ultimate destination for CDS exam preparation. As a defense aspirant, you understand the importance of clearing the Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam to pursue your dream career. Our CDS courses are designed to provide you with the most comprehensive and updated study material to help you excel in your exams. Our expertly crafted courses will provide you with the necessary knowledge of Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge to boost your chances of success. With our platform, you'll have access to a personalized learning experience that caters to your individual learning style. You'll also have access to our extensive library of practice tests to give you an edge on exam day. Join our CDS courses today, and let us help you achieve your goal of serving your nation with pride.

The CDS (Combined Defence Services) IMA (Indian Military Academy) entrance exam is a competitive examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for recruitment of candidates into the Indian Army. The exam is held twice a year and tests candidates on their knowledge of English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics. Successful candidates are then trained at the Indian Military Academy and commissioned as officers in the Indian Army.

IMA General Knowledge Syllabus:



Current Affairs

Cover news of important international and national summits/ conferences, awards, sports-related news, books, and authors, etc.

Political Science

Important facts of the Indian constitution, fundamental rights, and directive principles, powers of the president and prime minister, constitutional bodies, Indian judiciary, etc.

Indian History

Questions may be asked from Ancient, Medieval and Modern India.

Indian Polity

Prepare important facts of Indian as well as world geography.


Prepare topics like Budget, Five-year plan, foreign trade, etc.



Physics: Focus on topics like optics, motion, force, units, heat, electricity, temperature, etc.

Chemistry: Prepare important topics of organic, inorganic, physical and general chemistry.

Biology: Focus on the topics of important diseases, botany, zoology as well as human biology.

Defence Related News

Questions in this section may be asked about important defence-related topics like Army Day, Navy Day, recent developments, etc.

IMA English Syllabus:

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Paragraph Reading
  • Vocabulary (Synonyms/ Antonyms/ Phrases)
  • Sentence Rearrangement (Jumbled sentences)
  • Spotting Error
  • Sentence Improvement/ Correction

IMA Mathmatics Syllabus:




Number system (natural, integers, rational & real numbers), Fundamental operations (subtraction, addition, division, multiplication), Unitary Method, Percentages, Time & Work, Simple & Compound Interest, Time & Distance, Ratio & Proportion, Profit & loss, Elementary number theory, Composite & prime numbers, Divisibility tests, Theorem of factorisation, Factors & Multiples, Euclidean algorithm, laws of algorithm & algorithmic tables, etc.


Basic operations, Remainder theorem, L.C.M. & H.C.F., Polynomial theories, Quadratic equations (relation between roots & its coefficients), Linear equations in 2 variables, Set language and set notation, Laws of indices, Conditional identities, Rational Expressions, etc.


All about Sine a, Cos a, Tan a when 0° < a>


Plane & plane figures, Lines, and angles, Important theorems (like angle property based), Parallel lines, Congruency of triangles, Medians & Altitudes, Similar triangles, Parallelogram, Circles, Rectangle, Square, etc.


Areas of circles, Triangles, Rectangles, Squares, Parallelograms, Volume, Surface area of cuboids, Cones, Cylinders, Spheres, etc.


Tabulation of statistical data, Graphical representation of frequency polygons, Bar graphs, Histograms, Pie charts, Measures of central tendency, etc.

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